Sunday, 21 October 2007


Mike Perry gave a lecture last week at MCAD.
Mike Perry's a graphic deigner who's got his own studio in NY. He used to work for urban outfitters, doing alot of their design; he created quite a few of their logos and did a catalogue and the website. His work involves alot of hand drawn type and patterns, obviously has a real urban outfitters aesthetic to it. he's got alot of good clients at the moment, works for himself, seems to be cranking out the work, works on his own projects at the same time (he's got his own magazine, has just published a book, and sells t-shirts) and is a very happy guy. His lecture was relevant as he's doing pretty damb well for himself, and only graduated about 5 years ago.
It seems that his work really developed loads whilst he was in industry, he was just hungry and wanted to do well; he was saying that he'd stay at urban after hours and start working on things that it wasn't his job to do.- He stared drawing out urban outfitters logos, and would show them to other staff, and they'd say not to show them to the women in charge of choosing logos, but he would anyway because he wanted to, and they'd get used.
he was being honest all the way through his lecture and telling us about things he regrets doing, and giving advice from his experiences; one thing he said, it sounds really obvious but you never really realise it, is to put work in your portfolio that you want to be hired to create; so if you want to be hired to create posters put posters in, if you want to be hired to create t-shirts, put t-shirts in.- enjoyed the lecture alot.
To look at Mike Perrys' work click on this M to get to his site

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Mary Matthews said...

Finally got to look at this posting and his site. Impressive!