Monday, 29 October 2007


Fantastic man Adam Kimmel. Picked up the current issue of Fantastic Man last week; found it in the Walker Art Centers' book shop,- was pretty lucky to find a copy over here. The title and boarder for the cover are in gold,- looks stupidly fucking nice.
My favorite article was on New York menswear designer; 'Adam Kimmel'. The article is titled 'THE ALL-IN-ONE'. The photography for this piece was shot by 'Alexei Hay'; Kimmels half brother, and the article is a real interesting read; It follows an interview with Kimmel, whom seems to be a designer that's built on the idea of creating something to fulfill a need.
In all photos posted, except for the one shot on the fire escape, Adam is wearing unijohns from his current collection.
definitely pick up and read this if you get the chance. Click on this F to go to the Fantastic Man site and look at more of this issue.


Lucy Anstey said...

i've got an all in one! i got it from american apparel, it's like wearing a giant baby grow, it's great!

Bev said...

are you a fantastic man...
cause i know i am!
lets take b+w photos of us being fantastic men and send em in